About Us

ALOHA! HAWAII FIELD SERVICES LLC is a company with 20 years experience in providing field inspections, property preservation / maintenance and REO services for the banking, finance, real estate and insurance industries.


We believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, dedication, with open and responsive communication.

That is our commitment. Completing consistent, quality work in a timely manner is what matters to us. Instead of telling you what we can do, let us show what we can do.

We are able to offer many solutions for your field service needs and have the ability to solve any field problem with efficiency and professionalism at a reasonable, competitive price.

Our continuous focus is establishing and building on a long-term relationship.

Our team members are fully trained in all aspects of inspection, protection and preservation of properties. Our comprehensive knowledge of all HUD requirements and guidelines and those of conventional lenders ensures a solid partnership with our clients because we understand that time and efficiency are important when recovering your investment in REO properties.

HAWAII FIELD SERVICES LLC is poised to provide the kind of service that you would expect in all the Islands of Hawaii.

Let us be your single-source solution.